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keyword research I instantly put the keyword research “best pressure washer” in Google keyword research Planner in order to find out how many searches it have per month – 5400 searches per month. Ranking #1 on there would mean that you get roughly 30% of the traffic, that’s 1620. Let’s say you have a CTR…

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keyword Before reading this guide, kindly read the niche selection guide here! Finally, today is the day. I have been bombarded with questions regarding my keyword research and how I find my niches for the last 6 12 months or so. I have taken my time to help some, and some I couldn’t bother to help…

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Niche For a long time, I promised a niche selection and a keyword research guide. I started writing the guide a few days ago and I quickly realized that if I had both parts in the same article it would become at least 5,000 words long and hard to reference. I decided to split the guide…

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Make Money From Youtube Channel – way number 1 Make Money From Youtube Channel Way Number 1  – Start A Youtube Channel Starting a Youtube Channel is the simplest way of Making money online and needs no investment, Youtube gets almost 5 billion video views per day which proves its power on the internet. Felix Kjellberg, the…

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