Black Hat

Black Hat

The black hat refers to a hacker who is divided into a computer system or network with malicious intent. Black hackers can exploit security vulnerabilities to monetize, steal, or destroy private data, or modify, disable, or close websites and networks. Black pirates can also sell these exploits to other criminal organizations.

How To Make Money How To Make Money

how to make money If you are a healthy, young male, and able to pass an intensive screening process, you can become a sperm donor. As a donor, you will be compensated and you will also help individuals that cannot produce a child on their own. The sperm donation process is quite involved and requires…

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keyword keyword

keyword research I instantly put the keyword research “best pressure washer” in Google keyword research Planner in order to find out how many searches it have per month – 5400 searches per month. Ranking #1 on there would mean that you get roughly 30% of the traffic, that’s 1620. Let’s say you have a CTR…

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keyword keyword

keyword Before reading this guide, kindly read the niche selection guide here! Finally, today is the day. I have been bombarded with questions regarding my keyword research and how I find my niches for the last 6 12 months or so. I have taken my time to help some, and some I couldn’t bother to help…

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Niche Niche

Niche For a long time, I promised a niche selection and a keyword research guide. I started writing the guide a few days ago and I quickly realized that if I had both parts in the same article it would become at least 5,000 words long and hard to reference. I decided to split the guide…

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social media social media

Social media Running social media efforts alongside your link building Is another very important part of any SEO campaign. Make sure you have accounts set up on all the popular social media platforms. Post regular content out to these platforms – not just links and updates from your website but relevant content from within your…

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