Black Hat SEO – How to Rank A Quick Guide

Black Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO - How to Rank A Quick Guide

I have visible sufficient “How do I rank?”, “What tools do I need?” And “my website isn’t always organized!” Fly my lifestyles remaining time. each week, a person asks what number of ranks and every month will respond to the same set of PIMs and notice the equal arguments. I have determined to get a small guide on the way to order how to get search engine optimization as opposed to asking the identical pointless questions that were spoken back 100 instances.

Black Hat SEO – Step One: Keyword Research

the most important cause you aren’t ‘Making bank’ is that you picked the incorrect damn Key phrase. Keyword way Key phrase. that is the precise time period you want to rank for.the biggest false impression on BHW is Keyword opposition. So I can damage down how I decide what is Keyword opposition:

Super Easy: Top 10 Results have no On – Page Optimization for the Keyword and are not strong domains.
Easy: Top 10 have a couple On – Page Optimization for the Keyword but they are not authority sites.
Relatively Easy: Top ten are all Optimized for the Keyword but no authority sites.
Medium: Top 10 has full On – Page Optimization and a couple (Maximum) Authority Sites.
Hard: Top 10 has more than three Authority Sites Optimized or three sites with an excellent backlink profile.
Very Hard: Top Ten has Six or More Authority / Strong Backlink Profile Domains.

What does this mean for you?Black Hat SEO

You want to rank ACNE for a product you want to sell. Look in the top ten: (I did a Google Search on a TOR browser, hopefully, my results are not skewed).

The Atlantic
Salon (Acne Forum/Community with Exact Match Domain)
– Elle (The Magazine) (Knock – Off WebMD)
Three American Institutes / Libraries

I’d name this VERY difficult. some of the sites are Optimized for the Keyword, others are precisely referencing the Keyword. Be realistic, what are your odds of knocking out all TEN of those sites? Mine? no longer well worth it. If I could rank zits for some days I fantastically doubt these large sites which can be focused on the Keyword will no longer knock my site off the top ten.

Most likely if you do not make money or can’t rank, you are:

A. Picking KWs you will never rank (High Competition)
B. You are picking KWs with no search volume (Spending $100+ in the marketplace to rank a Keyword which has 100 searches TOTAL is stupid for most people).
C. Not a buyer Keyword (Acne may make more with Adsense, but ‘how can I get rid of acne’ will sell your product).
D. All of the above.

if you select a Keyword with no business reason, low seek volume and high competition, you’ll never make cash with your website. Ever. Keyword studies are the end all and are all of the search engine optimization. discover ways to do Keyword research before some thing.

Lumping together with Keyword Research is On – Page and site structure. This is basic stuff which has been covered on BHW before. You can rank with bad On – Page and site structure with enough links, but it makes the entire process harder. Do yourself and your wallet a favor and learn On – Page Optimization.

Step Two: Buffer / Pumper Sites

With every challenge, I begin and I need to rank, I construct some 2.0s proper away with an unmarried filler article and I let them age. It does rely upon Keyword competition to a degree. For an extremely good easy Keyword, I can build 10 2.0s and allow them to start growing old. For a higher competition, I build at least 20.

a web 2.0 is a blog. Blogger, WordPress, Tumbler, etc. You want to construct your 2.0s as Do – comply with hyperlinks. you may get No – follow in a far less complicated manner and I prefer to paintings with as plenty efficacy as viable.Black Hat SEO

After a few weeks, I add an article with a hyperlink. the thing to your 2.0s may be all the same exact article if you need to shop cash. Take your article, manually edit the copy for as many 2.0s as you have got. Then put it thru a spinner. as soon as it’s far spun, re – study it and edit out mistakes. Now you’ve got as many particular articles as you need. Do no longer complicate things here. Make it particular manually, make certain it can be studied and it’s going to stick.

relying on your Keyword choice relies upon what anchor you use for the if you pick smooth opposition KWs, you’ll no longer want stronger hyperlinks like SAPE / PBN / Guest Posts. Do now not complicate things. in case your Keyword is simple, the two.0s should have often exact anchor healthy. the 2.0s provide authority in your site and can be your ‘energy’ links. For the better competition, 2.0s will simply be for authority.

Black Hat SEO – Step Three: Diversity and Velocity AKA Random Links

After I build my 2.0s I want a steady Velocity and I want diversity. For a normal site, you will have junk links. Let’s be real here. I want to look natural and mimic natural growth. If on day 7 from launch I build 10 2.0s and for the next ten days have ZERO other links, then I have 10 2.0’s a week later, it looks suspicious. I err on the side of caution and use my aging time for 2.0s to build some crap.

I prefer to fire GSA SER up for this part, but you can buy from the marketplace for diversity. This is not a GSA guide, but to keep it simple, I want to build these links:

– Social Bookmarks
– Social Network
– Article Submission
– Blog Comments

If you are using GSA, create different projects for each type of link and watch the program until it builds the amount you want. GSA can verify more links than you intend on making. I use a strict filter of under 25 OBL and over a PR 3. PR does not mean much, but I do find I filter out bad sites this way.

For those who do not have GSA, or are completely new, this is what it all means:

I Build Social Bookmarks to each page I want to rank. The benefit of Social Bookmarks is the fact they are often No – Follow and help my pages get indexed. I want a couple Bookmarks to point to the page. This is about a low velocity and has a good ratio of No – Follow to Do – Follow links, and staying below the radar.

Social Network is basic Facebook / Reddit / Ect shares. Just posting my link on a social network platform. Again, normally No – Follow and mimics a real site sharing content. Take this opportunity to make real social pages for your site. It helps content get indexed quicker.

Article Submission is sharing a piece of your content on another site to place a link. These should be Doable – Follow platforms and like every other link, just a couple.

Blog Comments are fantastic. If you do these manually they will stick. Make sure you have your anchor as a hyperlink or branded. Blog Comments can pass a good amount of link juice and mimic a natural site.

My diversity and velocity link building are all about making my backlink portfolio look natural. Junk appears in any real site, so I try to look natural with imitation. Every Anchor in this section is either Branded or a Hyperlink. Do not risk over optimization with junk links.

Re – Cap: Keep Velocity by building Blog Comments, Article Submission, Bookmarks, and Social Network Shares. Only a couple links a day to make your page look like it is naturally growing. Post only on good sites with TF / CF / PR, or what ever another metric you want to use.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO – Step Four: Make Your 2.0s into Pumpers

A Pumper Site (Or Buffer Site) is a Web 2.0 made to pass link juice. This is why your 2.0s should all be Do – Follow. To NOT get your 2.0 De-Indexed, start slow and ramp up velocity like your actual site.

This is not a tiered link guide. For Very Easy KWs, the aforementioned 2.0s will be enough to rank your Keyword. I still build links to all of my 2.0s out of habit, and I suggest you do as well.

You want to start with Contextual and Do – Follow links only. This means Article Submissions, other Web 2.0s, and Micro Blogs. Contextual will help you rank longer than Spam and stick around longer.

Over the next several weeks, build a few hundred Contextual Do – Follow links to each 2.0 and monitor your rankings. If your KWs are dancing or moving up, great. If not, build a third tier of any links you can get your hands on. If you are using GSA, everything but Web 2.0s, because the program is not good at building 2.0s and will waste a lot of resources for no real gain.

In total, I want around 500 Contextual links to each 2.0. This may sound like a lot, but I spread it out over 30 – 90 days. So a handful of links to each 2.0. After I build all of these Contextual links I also build Blog Comments with strict filters in GSA or buy from the market place. You are looking for LOW OBL, high PR / TF comments which pass a good amount of link juice for the minimal effort you put into it.

Re-Cap: Build Contextual, Do – Follow links to your 2.0 until you rank.

Black Hat SEO – Step Five: Manual Profile and 301 Shorteners

This may be a little BLACKHAT for some of you. Things like a URL Shortener can be playing with fire, but it works and they are cheap and easy to make.

For people with a tad higher competition no Black Hat SEO, as in anything over an Easy Keyword, you need more link juice to rank. I do this by building a URL Shortener first and sharing it on Social Media. This is something perfectly normal, many companies and businesses use this type of link for Social Sharing, so that is what I do.

I then build a handful of URL Shorteners to my Web 2.0s. Again, Do – Follow only. I then blast away with another tier two of links. All Contextual and Do – Follow. This should make your Keyword move and spike all the metrics on your Web 2.0 (PA, DA, TF, CF). This makes your normal 2.0 links far more powerful.

Next, build about 10 Profile Links which are Do – Follow. Profile links are links on sites like Amazon or Twitter that let you post a link in your profile, and are often Do – Follow. These links are NOT contextual and often do not get indexed unless you force them. Use a hyperlink or branded term for the Profile links.

These Profile links I then spam with at least 1,000 links. I prefer Contextual and Do – Follow as well. This is because I may need to build another tier of links later on and want more power for my Profile link. This will force it to index.

If you run your profile through one of the metric sites, you will find your little link is now a high PA, DA, TF, CF, etc link. This type of link works amazingly well.

Re-Cap: Build two sets of URL Shorteners. One set to share your Money Site link, and another to spam which points to your 2.0. Finally, build Profile links to your Money Site and blast them with links.


Black Hat SEO – In Conclusion….

1. Do Keyword Research and On – Page.
2. Build Some 2.0s.
3. Diversity and Velocity with Bookmarks and Blog Comments.
4. Build links to your 2.0s.
5. Build 301 Shorteners and Profile Links.

You can now rank and make money off of any Keyword.

This entire process should take from 30 days to 180 days. After each step takes a step back, let your Keyword bounce a bit and see what you are dealing with. If it vanishes from SERPs it is about to make a comeback. If it knocks down a bit, it will come back stronger. If it pops up a couple places or does not move, move to the next step.

You can condense all of this if you want, but I prefer a slower burn so I do not waste resources. If my Keyword will rank with step one only, why move onto step two? Food for thought.

The last note I will give newbies is the best advice you will ever get: Mimic those who are successful.

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